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Benefit from greater efficiency and increased safety with AUTONOMA.

Lifelong Partners In Innovation

AUTONOMA are the leaders in the automation technology space, with decades of experience, we assist your business in fully automating – and therefore optimising – your processes. We work according to your unique requirements to develop robotic and software solutions that equip you with a safe and technologically advanced work environment that operates at maximum efficiency without risking people’s lives due to dangerous jobs.

Experience transformation through automation.

As automation experts focusing on the latest technology and industrial automation, we create bespoke solutions for our clients’ process problems. Automation transforms your business in the following key areas:

Increases Health and Safety:

Process automation significantly improves employee and environmental health and safety. More importantly, automation can eliminate operator exposure to hazards such as concentrated acids, dust, fumes, or excessive noise.

Creates Up-Skill Opportunities:

Automation can provide employees with opportunities to enhance their skills by providing training and hands-on experience in operating and maintaining robotic systems. This equips them with valuable skills and enables unattended operation, freeing them to focus on other tasks.

Reduces Costs:

Automation can significantly reduce costs by minimising manual labour and handling needed to perform various tasks, especially for sampling, sample preparation, transportation, and analysis. This results in a combined effect of reducing costly inefficiencies within the process.

Eliminated Common Errors:

Intelligent automation can remove repetitive tasks, eliminating many common errors related to sampling, preparation, and data transposition. Furthermore, the precision and accuracy of results ensure accountability when making business decisions based on data.

Automation Products You Can Trust

Combining the solutions offered by industry leaders to achieve business transformation, AUTONOMA can provide a wide range of custom and standard automated products and services from suppliers.

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