Experience Transformation Through Industrial Automation

AUTONOMA offer a wide range of automation services, such as:

Industrial Automation and Robotics

Reduce common errors by utilising robots or our software solutions, which are designed to perform repetitive tasks in industrial settings, laboratories, and other hazardous or challenging environments.

IT/OT Transformation

AUTONOMA is an expert in enterprise IT systems and integration with OT systems, and we have years of experience in ERP/MES, from minor to global organisations.

Control System Engineering

AUTONOMA can design and implement control systems to manage and monitor automation devices and equipment in your processes. inefficiencies within the process.

Machine Functional Safety

AUTONOMA Machine Functional Safety ensures compliance and reduces the risk of machinery-related workplace accidents and injuries as a service. This protects employees, reduces potential downtime and liability costs, and provides a safe working environment.

Machine Vision and Image Analysis

Automate the inspection of your products and processes using our software that interprets visual information from industrial cameras and sensors.

Mobile Equipment Automation

AUTONOMA can supply turn-key automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to perform specific tasks automatically, such as transporting and handling various items.

PLCs, HMIs and SCADA Systems

AUTONOMA specialises in supplying and servicing many different brands of PLCs and HMIs and integrating these into your SCADA or supplying and configuring our own SCADA. We are experts in upgrading and migrating legacy systems to modern equipment.

Software Development and Engineering

We provide services and consultation for clients requiring custom bespoke software and assist you in your technological journey.

Ready to automate your business operations?

AUTONOMA provide turn-key automation solutions and can support you throughout the entire project life cycle

AUTONOMA specialises in machinery and industrial automation, utilising robotics and software to ensure efficiency and safety. We have automated processes, created opportunities, reduced costs, and eliminated common errors with AUTONOMA bespoke automation solutions.


• Feasibility Studies
• Pre-Engineering
• Business Case Development
• Project Planning
• Research & Development
• Consulting


• Design & Engineering
• Project Management
• Fabrication
• Scheduling
• Safety Reporting
• Project Documentation
• Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
• Functional Safety


• Software Integration
• Commissioning
• Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
• Hand-over & Close-out
• Training


• 24/7 Phone & Remote Internet Support
• Virtual & Augmented - Reality Support
• Emergency Call-Out Support
• Scheduled & Emergency Maintenance
• Critical Spares

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We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, which involves incorporating your ideas into the solutions we develop for you. We are deeply invested in your success, and our proven ability to manage every stage of your project – regardless of size – positions us as your lifelong automation solution partner.

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